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BURGON & BALL  |  Budding Garden Digging Fork
BURGON & BALL  |  Budding Garden Digging Fork in the garden

BURGON & BALL | Budding Gardener Digging Fork


Burgon & Ball Children's Digging Fork

Head width 13.5 cm, height 17cm.

Overall height 85cm

Comfortable ‘Y’ handle, made from strong Ash wood and through-riveted for long life Riveted socket for extra strength

Polished stainless steel for easy movement through soil and rust resistance

Hot marked Burgon & Ball on socketgon & Ball on socket

Children's Garden Tools

There are heaps of things that are great fun to grow – the biggest sunflower in the world? Delicious cherry tomatoes? Brilliantly coloured nasturtiums?

Here are just the perfect tools to help budding gardeners on their way.

 Gartenwerkzeuge für Kinder