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Russell Lupin (Lupinus X russellii hort)
Russell Lupin (Lupinus X russellii hort)

Russell Lupin (Lupinus X russellii hort)


Bred by tireless selection of over two decades' work by UK horticulturist George Rusell, these Perennial Lupin hybrids were first shown in 1937 at the Royal Horticultural Show winning many awards for the bright colours and flower form.

Because lupins are part of the pea family they are a great addition to the garden, not only because of the stunning display these hybrids give, but also because of the welcome addition of nitrogen they give to the soil, obtaining it from the air and transferring it via their root system - a process called 'nitrogen fixing'

  • TYPE: Herbaceous Perennial
  • POSITION: Full Sun
  • SOIL: Moderately fertile; too fertile encourages less flowers and more leaves
  • FLOWERS: late Spring, early Summer mixed colours
  • SIZE: height: 0.5-1m



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