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Sedum Mexicanum 'Gold Mound' (Golden Stonecrop)
Sedum Mexicanum 'Gold Mound' (Golden Stonecrop)

Sedum Mexicanum 'Gold Mound' (Golden Stonecrop)


A small fast growing succulent plant which is grown for its decorative foliage of fleshy, golden-yellow leaves borne on trailing stems, and small yellow flowers. This hardy plant grows best in full sun and well drained soil. Tolerates hot, dry conditions and coastal exposure. An ideal groundcover and useful for adding colour to borders, rockeries and containers for the patio and veranda.


  • POSITION Full sun 
  • SOIL TYPE: most types 
  • FROST HARDY: will re-sprout once frosts are over
  • DROUGHT TOLERANT: yes, once established
  • SIZE: Height: 25cm Spread:1-m
  • FLOWERS: small golden yellow
  • USES:  low border
  • PRUNE:remove spent flowers
  • FOILAGE: Herbaceous in very cold areas

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